Blueberries For Adri

This past Sunday we took a trip over the hill to a blueberry patch near us (it's about three miles from our house).  It's one of the few blueberry patches in our area and they are not only the best berries, but the cheapest-- $1.50 a lb! You really can't beat that.
We've been trying to fit in as many little trips and special activities with Adri before the baby arrives, we become super busy and not really go anywhere at all for a while. 

It was so much fun. I kept filling my bucket and Adri would come over and swipe my berries to fill her bucket. Also, she insisted in having a purple bucket.

Today is lovely out. I'm hurrying around cleaning the house so that we can go exploring outside for the afternoon. I saw in the fridge this morning that Adam and Adri went and picked some raspberries last night (on our property). I think this means I need to make raspberry and blueberry pancakes for breakfast. With sausage of course, because that's Adri's all time favorite :)

Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. Beautiful! I love that book blueberries for Sal.


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