at the nature center

All photos are from our trip to the nature center last Sunday. The highlight of the visit is always feeding the fish. The trout in the trout pond are huge. Honestly, they are so big it's crazy.

This nature center is the one that we lived right down the road from when we lived in town. Now that we live out in the country it's a bit of a drive (15-20 minutes) to get there. We hadn't visited since we moved so it was quite a bit of fun to be back there again.

There's a solar eclipse viewing party there on the 21st and Adam says he wants to go. I told him that's fine, as long as the baby doesn't decide to show up early and we end up being in the hospital that night ;)


  1. I love your photography. :-) You're so talented! Hope the heat isn't killing you at this time of your pregnancy.


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