after the weekend: cleaning, greenhouse adventures, and cold weather

So much has happened in the past few days, I'm at a loss of where to even start.

Okay, Saturday. On Saturday I worked at the library, and Adam and Adri went to town to get new tires put on the car. Later they came back and picked me up and we all headed home. Adri took a long nap and then she and I went up to Wesleytown to celebrate brother Stan Lee's graduation. He's got a degree in business now and we are all so proud of him! 

On Sunday Adam and I shipped Adri off to church with my family and then we did a bit of shopping, and wandered around a greenhouse for a while. I found some new succulents, and grabbed a few basil plants (one can never have too many basil plants!).
Home again we both got busy deep cleaning the house. Windows opened, bathrooms cleaned, plants transplanted, floors mopped, and laundry washed. It's amazing how much two people can get done in a short amount of time.
Then while I was placing an order for one of Adri's birthday gifts (can't wait for her to see it!), Adam put together his grill (an early Father's Day gift) and the new lawnmower. Now once the weather gets nice we are ready for outdoor fun!

Speaking of weather, it's COLD here. In fact it's snowing right now. Not a lot, but still. Snow. Where is Spring? I guess I spoke too soon in my last post. Sigh.

Adri's been awake since 4:00am so I'm pretty sure she'll be crashing at some point soon. I'm on my second cup of coffee and working on answering emails. 

Happy Monday! 

We made hummus last week and Adri's been having it as a snack pretty much every day.

Fresh-from-the-tub baby chunk and blond curls.

Early last week. Sitting out in the sun with my two babies.


The greenhouse is my happy place. Really though, how awesome is that dragon?


  1. I need to send a card to your mom to say hi. You remind me of her. It turned very cold here, too. I can't believe how cold and rainy it turned after a warmer than usual winter.


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