after the weekend: SPRING

Warning: photo overload ahead. 

The downside of not blogging every day is that since I'm still taking photos all the time I just end up having way too many to post when I do blog. Oh, well. It is what it is, right?
We had such a wonderful, busy weekend. Adri was still recovering from her bad cold, and she had hardly been sleeping at night so not only was she pretty tired and grumpy both Friday and Saturday, but so was I. Saturday night she finally slept though (meaning I got to sleep too) and Sunday she felt much better. 
Speaking of Sunday. It was SO nice outside. Warm and sunny. We opened doors, set up the raised beds, Adri splashed in puddles and we made tons of food to eat. A perfect April day.

Yay for Spring!

My little puddle stomper.
The lilacs are budding! 

Adri chasing after Daddy. She follows Adam everywhere and is his biggest fan.

See? Signs of Spring.

When at Target one must take selfies ;) Julia spent Friday night and then we went out shopping for the day on Saturday. It's been way too long since we had a girls day out and it was so much fun. Kohls, Target, the mall, Taco Bell and all that good stuff.

Yet another bathtime photo. I can't take enough of these.

Sick baby snuggles. I'm so happy she's feeling better now though. Sick babies are not fun. 

My best pal :)

It's Monday now. I've already been busy busy this morning. We've had our breakfast, I've had my coffee, we've cleaned the house, and I'm in the middle of brewing a new batch of Kombucha. I have some work to do and Adri needs to go down for her nap soon. Speaking of Adri, my child is currently pulling out her board books, one by one, and drawing a little scribble in each one with marker. I really should stop her. Maybe not though. #reallifeforyou

Happy Monday! 


  1. Fun catching up with you with this post. Adri's eyes are so beautiful.

    Have a blessed week Rosie.

  2. You look so good! Blessings to you mama!


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