Summer Bucket List.

Hey, so we're now officially in Summer (yesterday was the first day of it). Yayyyyy!

I love Summer. I joyfully embrace each super hot day, knowing that before long it'll be back to Winter, with all it's snow, cold, and wind.  Yup. Summer, I love you.

So, I did my bucket lists for last Autumn, Winter, and Spring, and here is my Summer bucket list. It's all the things I plan on doing/enjoying/accomplishing, before this season is over.

+Swimming. I plan on doing a lot of swimming this year.

+Picnics. We really didn't manage to go on any this Spring, but I really do want to have a few little family picnics.

+Camping. Adam and I have been talking about going camping since we first met, and we still have not gotten around to it. This is a must.

+Trip to New England. We are going to take a trip back to my home town (stay with Wesley and Claire, of course) and take advantage of all that's there. The ocean, fishing, walking, seafood, etc. 

+Get Adri's pool set up. She got a little pool for her birthday, and I need to blow it up (at my parent's) and fill it with water for her, so she can start splashing!

+Lots of long walks. This one happens pretty much anyway, but it does get more challenging, as the weather warms up. So, I want to make sure I don't stop once the temperature starts rising for real.

+Go see at least one movie in theaters. Yup. The two of us managing to go see a movie without the Wee One is rather difficult, but I really think this needs to happen. Air conditioning, popcorn, a good movie and my man? Sounds like the perfect plan.

+Keep trying new recipes. I've been trying really hard to try out new recipes, and so far it's going good. I really want to keep at it.

+Trip to the zoo. Yes, I know, this was on the Spring bucket list also, and it just never happened. But it really must.
Okay, there it is. My plans for all the fun stuff we want to do this Summer. I think we'll be busy ;)


  1. Thats a great bucket list! Adri will love her pool!:) im also trying many new recipies as my family of 4 boys and 2 girls has varying tastes. Lol. Hope yall can get to a movie!

    1. Christina, we are going up to Wesleytown tomorrow, and the pool is all blown up now, so hopefully Adri can get some splashing done ;) And yes, neither Adam nor I are picky eaters, but we really like to change things up now and then! lol

  2. I have a bucket list this Summer too! If you ever want to meet up, my town as the nation's oldest continuously running ferry!! It's about an hour from your family would absolutely LOVE the town next door as well! (Old Wethersfield) :)


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