Adriana Rose. Twelve months old.

This little one. I still can't believe she's already a year old. Wow. And, let me tell you, these one year olds are F U N. Seriously, she's keeps us cracking up, all the time! 

At twelve months old Adri can:

+Walk. Everywhere. She's started running, and then ends up falling down, we have to keep reminding her to slow up!

+Dance. She loves to dance when happy music comes on.

+Talk. Well, she was talking up a storm, until she started walking, and now all she says is "duck". I'm sure the talking will start soon again though.

+Point. She points at everything! And as she points, she says "duck", of course.

Adri loves:

+Food. Any and all food. She pretty much eats everything we eat, and still nurses all the time. 

+Her kitties. She still loves them.

+Her toys. She really loves her stuffed animals, and has a couple favorites that she's always dragging around behind her.

+Balls. She has two little red balls and she loves to carry them around.

+Books. She's still totally into books, and we read all the time.

+Baby Einstein. Still her favorite show.

+Walks. We go for our walk every day, and she still loves it. Only now she has to bring a bottle of juice, and a toy with her.

+The playground. She loves going to the playground.

+Baths. She still loves the tub, and we have a never ending battle when she has to get out. She'd spend all day in the tub, if I'd let her.

She also has the cutest little laugh, and giggles all the time. She is also now into noticing faces, and is always trying to poke me in the eye, or the nose! 
She says "uh-oh" every time something falls, and it's absolutely adorable. She has this tiny little voice.
She currently weighs 21.5 lbs, and is 29 inches tall!
Adri also hates socks (like her mommy), and is always pulling them off. I was kinds surprised when I saw these pictures, and realized that she hadn't take them off yet! 
I feel like in the last month Adri has really become her own little person. It's as if she moved out of the baby stage, and is in the toddler stage for good. As much as I'm loving it, I'm also feeling a bit emotional about it...I don't have a little baby anymore :( 


  1. They grow fast. My youngest is in the 7th grade. I miss thoes days when they were small. Treasure every day. I know you do. Youre such a great mom!:)

    1. Christina, time is going by so fast, and I know a some point I'm going to be where you are, and say "where did it all go?" lol. And thank-you :)

  2. Each stage is a joy! I have no babies anymore but I so love each one where they are at in life!

    1. Deanna, so far each stage just keeps getting better! And I've been really hoping it stays that way! :)

  3. Well, my youngest is 34 and I was 37 when he was born........I don't even have a grandchild this young! But life is wonderful and Adri seems adorable.

    1. Life is so wonderful! Difficult, at times, but truly wonderful :) The best thing about Adri is that she's not just cute, she's SO sweet. Just a really loving little person :)


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