Adri turns ten months old!

My baby is ten month old! That's two months shy of a year. Soooo crazy! She's getting so big now. 

At ten months old Adri can:

+cruise along furniture.
+say mama, daddy, kitty, and "baba goo" (her name for herself).
+get into pretty much everything she's not supposed to.
+wave bye bye.

she loves:

+reading, reading, reading. all. the. time.
+playing at the library.
+people (she's now a little stranger-shy though).
+dancing to happy music.
+car rides.
+eating. any and all food. she loves to eat. if we have food she comes crawling right over for a bite.
+BATHES. she loves to get in the tub. and she cries every time we take her out.

she has: 
+five whole toothers! And she's pretty proud of them too.
+a big smile.
+a super stubborn little personality, and a very feisty side--both hidden by her super-cuteness ;)
+a very loud yell.

Oh, and happy first day of April! 


  1. She is just beautiful! Can't believe it's almost been a year since you had her! My how the time flies!

    1. Thanks, Katy. I know, I really can't believe it either!

  2. She is simply beautiful! What a joy to have sweet Posie in your lives!

    ps- I love that chair in the first photo!

    1. Thanks, Deanna! The chair is Julia's. She didn't have enough room at her place, so it's at mine for the time being--it's the roaming chair! lol


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