after the weekend/visiting and sunshine

We had a lovely weekend. I went to work on Saturday morning, and while I was at work Adam's parents showed up at the apartment. 

Posie had a wonderful time visiting with her grandparents (well, of course we did too). Reading stories with Grandma, and tickles with Grandpa.
We all went out to lunch after I finished work, and they left to head back home later in the evening. 

Yesterday was sunny and (relatively) warm. We went to the store early in the morning to do our shopping--both Adam and I love grocery shopping, so that's always fun for us. Back at home we took things easy. I read some more of my current read (Fangirl), and knit. Adam played video games and organized his many books. I made fish chowder and then we took a short afternoon stroll around town. 
All in all it was just a perfect weekend. 

Now it's Monday again. It's back to work, and cleaning. Laundry, dishes, and more reading. 

Below are pictures from our end of the week and the weekend.

Happy Monday! 

Oh, I almost forgot! The most exciting news of the weekend? Adri is getting her top two teethies in!

My sleeping beauty.

Morning giggles with Mommy.

Reading with Grandma.

At the store.

Oh, you know, just a lot of pictures of food. Because, yeah, we eat a lot around here ;)


  1. Lovely weekend! Your adri is getting so big! Pretty soon she will have her 1 year birthday! What a cutie! Christina


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