traveling with a baby.

Ummm, so those days of throwing my stuff in a back pack and heading off for the weekend? Yeah, those are sure over. It's amazing how every little thing changes with the arrival of a small person (don't get me wrong, there are no complaints here).
Whenever we take a trip now, we have our one little bag of stuff, and then there's alllll Adri's things. And I've worked really hard to minimize the amount of stuff that we bring for her, and despite all the culling, there always seems to be a huge pile of Posie-things. 
So, here we go, packing for a weekend away with a baby: (because I'm always curious on what people deem necessary to take with them when packing for a baby).
  • Pack-n-play. 
  • One blanket that she uses on the bottom of her pack-n-play, and one for covering her with.
  • Diaper bag filled with about 4 onsies, 4 pairs of pants, socks, a warm sweater, and 2 pairs of pajamas. Oh, and diapers. Lots of diapers. And wipes.
  • Also in the diaper bag, ear drops, gum-o-mile, and teething ring.
  • A second bag with a soft carrier, a bunch of books, and a bunch of toys.
  • Not pictured is her ergo, pumping supplies, and frozen bottles of milk (I don't always take pumping stuff and milk, but on trip longer than overnight I do).
Now, keep in mind, this is only for one night. ONE night. Everything would be multiplied several times, if it were any long than that ;)


  1. Hi Rosie.Reading this post made me remember when. I went through this twice. I always told myself then, that I needed to pack for a week even though it was only overnight. I would drive my husband nuts. lol. Better prepared I say. It's normal. Adri is beautiful. You and Adam are so blessed. I love reading your blog. Take care.


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