oh me, oh my. oh dear! {Christmas 2015}

{our little family, on top of a mountain in VT, December 26th, 2015}
Okay. So, after a whirlwind past few days we are finally home! It's wonderful seeing family and friends, but nothing like your own pad, right? 
So much has happened in the past days, I think I'll just have to go back and start with Christmas Eve Eve.
On December 23rd, 2015, my man went down on bended knee, pulled out an amethyst ring, and asked me to marry him. After recovering from my shock (he totally surprised me--not the asking, but the timing, lol), I said yes ;) Sooooo, yeahhhhhh, super happy here, and super excited.

Now, onto Christmas Eve. 
We drove up to Vermont Christmas Eve. Went to Adam's uncle's annual Christmas Eve party and saw all the family on Adam's dad's side. It was ton of people, food, and a fun Yankee Swap. Poor little Wee One began teething and was pretty unhappy though.

On Christmas morning we got up, went over to Adam's mom and dad's {we stayed with Julie and Chad} and opened presents. 
Later all Adam's mom's family came over and we opened more presents, and had Christmas dinner with them.
It was warm out-in the 60's! A bunch of folks just sat outside on the front porch, and some played football. It was really nice, but also soooo weird.

Adri loved meeting (for the first time she can remember) her cousin Oliva. They played together and kept trying to steal each other's toys.
Poor little Adri was still teething on the third day though, and had a bad cold, so she was not her usual self.

Remember Julie and Chad? Well, we stayed with them while we were visiting, They live in this grand old Victorian house in town, and Chad's been doing lots of renovating to it. Every time we go there is some new thing that he's done. I love the marble hearth he put in! 

 Saturday morning Julie, Chad, Vinnie (Julie's son) and us all went hiking. Adam and I used to go hiking here all the time and it's one of our favorite places. Look at that view!

Poor little one slept the whole hike, she was so out-of-sorts and not feeling well. 
After hiking we went and saw Adam's family again, before heading back to Julie and Chad's for the night. 
Then, early Sunday morning, Adri woke up screaming, with an ear infection. Poor little one. This mama sorta panicked to see her sweet, normally happy babe in so much pain. 
We drove to the emergency room 45 minutes away, saw some really nice doctors and nurses, and they gave us the stuff she needs to make her better.
We had planned on leaving Sunday night, but ended up waiting for the meds to kick in and instead drove home early Monday morning.
Now, Adri is feeling much better, and so happy to be back in her own home, with all her own things. Bed, kitties, toys, noises, etc. 

Adam is super sick now with a bad virus going around, so he's laid up. The good thing is that he has all week off, so he has plenty of time to get better before he has to worry about going back to work.
See? It never rains, it pours! lol

Now. We are all drinking lots of tea, eating chicken soup, taking the necessary medicines, and  hopefully will all be better by the New Year!

Today we woke up to SNOW. Finally. Our first snowfall. I heard the plows out early this morning, buzzing around clearing the streets and just lay in bed, enjoying the warm, toastiness, with my little wee one curled up, sleeping peacefully next to me.

I have to run to the post office and send out some packages today, and work later tonight, and other than that we are just planning on taking things easy, relaxing, and getting well.

So. That was our Christmas. How was yours?


  1. Congratulations on your engagement. It sounds like you had a great Christmas. Chistmas in Australa is very hot - I wish it was snowing :-)

  2. Congratulations rosie.what wonderful news.,and a beautiful ring.you must be so happy.happy new year to you and your little family.from karen uk

  3. I hope everyone is well there soon. It's really hard to cope as a mother when your baby feels ill. I hope you get some needed sleep. Lots of snow here too the last 42 hours. My cross country skies are waxed ready to make trails. Enjoy your week off.

  4. I hope you are getting your sleep. It's hard when little ones are not well, although husbands can be bigger babies when not feeling well. Lots of snow here too the last 48 hours. Skies are waxed ready for the trails.

  5. Oh rosie!great news!congrats!!!!Sorry about the man and babe being sick. Keep yourself healthy lol.

  6. Congratulations on your engagement! How exciting! Best wishes from New Zealand. Hope the Wee One is feeling better.

  7. Thanks everyone for the congratulations! We are all feeling much better around here. I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year! :)


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