photos from the phone//fall bucket list.

Everyone that knows me knows that I don't really like Fall. Fall means winter is coming ("Winter Is Coming" ha.), and snow, and cold, and all that. I love sunshine, bare feet, warmth, etc. 
However, I'm trying to do better this year. Embrace the seasons and all that stuff. And, in my attempt, I made a bucket list of stuff I wanna do before it's too cold and/or there is snow on the ground. Things to make the arrival of Autumn a bit more fun.

+Carve pumpkins.
+Visit the zoo.
+Go to a corn maze.
+Pick apples.
+Make hard cider (Adam makes some awfully good stuff!).
+Take a nice long hike.
+Put up some Autumn decorations.
+Have a Fall party.

As for the pictures:
pumpkin ale//my happy baby//latest editions of good magazines//our children's Halloween book display at the library//Friday night poker with the family//candles//someone cute and squishy//


  1. Love it all! Especially happy smiles!:)
    Great list!

  2. I love the summer the best too. :) Oh and love the robot sheets:) Christina

  3. That's a good list, Rosie!

    I love autumn because I am not a hot and humid weather girl. Spring and autumn are my favorites!

    Posie is such a darling, squishy baby!


  4. You DON'T LIKE FALL. *GASP* My favorite season in ALL.THE.WORLD. :) Love the book pictures and the smiling baby on your back is SWOON-worthy. :)

  5. You will really start to cherish every season, especially with a new baby in the family. Making memories with her in call seasons will bring you great delight.


  6. We have a lot of hot and humid weather so I absolutely LOVE fall. Always look forward to sitting by the fire all nice and cozy on a cold winter's night.

    Hugs to you all Rosie!!


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