:fall fashion:

Fall is here, and, as much as I love wearing skirts, it can be a bit of a challenge when cold weather comes, and I have to resist the impulse to just bundle up in the warmest things I can find.

Yesterday was one of those "perfect fall days", I had just tried out a new hairstyle, I had on an outfit that all fell together rather well {and was warm at the same time!}, and Julia had the camera-in-hand:

All the makings for a fall photo shoot.


  1. You ladies are SO pretty. I love your style.

  2. so lovely.. like a step back in time to a gentler era signifying wholesome living. beautiful wardrobe :)

  3. Lovely colour combination, and your hair always looks so perfect! I need to figure out some nice autumn outfits myself.

  4. OK, so I don't usually comment on fashion, but I have to say that is a really nice skirt. The dark green plaid looks great against the Fall colors in the background and it looks quite cozy too.

    I must say I prefer the simple elegance of classic styles like this to the modern vogue which seems to have little "class" at all.

    Oh, and the hairstyle looks great with the whole outfit too.

  5. Your hair is just lovely! :) I always love your style, Rosie!


  6. My 16 year old son said that you look lovely and that he thinks you lost a lot of weight. I must agree that you do look slimmer in these shots.
    My girls and I wear dresses/skirts. I must agree with Tasha Tudor that they are more feminine.
    We are sadly not getting cooler weather here in Va. It has been very hot and muggy this past week. UGH.

  7. Hi Rosie~you have a lovely style and look about you that must be so pleasing to our Lord. I can tell that you do not follow the fads of what is "in" at the moment~but the Lord leads you to glorify Him in your clothing and through your sweet honest heart. You look lovely!!! You are really a great role model for my tweens and teens. They love coming to your blog to see what you have sewed together or purchased. God bless, Rose

  8. Absolutely gorgeous. You inspire!


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