Robin Hood

All my life I have loved the story of Robin Hood, the outlaw of Sherwood Forest.
I have over the years read many different adaptations of the book, and of course watched the films.

My all time favorite film version being the one with Errol Flynn and Oliva de Havilland in it.
Two of my favorite actors.

I ( really it was Julia who found it for me ) found a version of the book that I have not read yet.

The Adventures Of Robin Hood
By Paul Creswick.

It was written in the early 1990's and start out the story of Robin's life at quite a young age.
It keeps very close to the original story, yet adds a bit more to the tale.
I am not done with it yet, but am enjoying it so much I just had to write a bit about it.
Another good retelling of Robin Hood is "The Outlaws Of Sherwood", by Robin Mckinley.


  1. I am so enjoying your blog, Rosie.

    I love this movie version of Robin Hood too! Haven't seen it in years though...maybe Netflix has it, I'll have to check that!

    Haven't watched the new series on the BBC but my girls have seen a lot of it...


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