~On Food~

Good deals on the table after shopping the other day.

Bananas: 39 cents a lb., and buy one get one free.
We stocked up on them and (as they were very ripe) peeled and put them in the freezer right away. Now we will have frozen bananas for smoothies and banana ice cream, yum.
We go to this really neat natural food store, they pack all the their grains and things in recycled glass jars. Earth friendly, and beautiful too.
Above is Real Salt, Organic popcorn and Couscous with saffron and chives.
Once we run out of our potatoes (from the garden), then we buy them in bulk- 50 lb. bags.

Our potato harvest last year, almost 250 lb.s.

We grow most of our produce in the summer/fall, but in winter we cut back to what is in season in the grocery stores- mainly broccoli, cabbage, onions, potatoes, and squash.
In the spring and summer we have a salad at least once a day- sometimes twice- with homemade dressing, and lots of fresh veggies.
We have been trying to freeze as much of our extra produce as possible, or put it away for winter, but we still have to get down planning how much extra we have to plant, for us to eat and to store.

Making bread out of freshly ground flour.

Hot bread fresh from the oven.