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Adriana Rose: Sixteen Months.

As I said in the last Adri-update, she's only getting more fun as she gets older. She keeps us laughing and smiling all the time.

Adri is a talker! She's says a lot of names now: Pa, Mosi, Anjuli, Oliver, Pork, Loki, etc. She also sings all the time. She's singing to herself right now, as I type. Her own little song and it's so sweet. 

She still has her little list of favorite things to do. Bathes, walks, playground, eat, play in her little kitchen, read, take everything out of the cupboard and then crawl into it, her stuffed animals, Kazoops (a t.v show), and dance parties. 

Adri is the friendliest little person I know. She loves people. As soon as she goes outside she's waving and saying hi to everyone she sees. We always joke about how is it possible the two introverts could have such an extroverted child?! 

Speaking of going out. She loves going to Story Time at the the library. It's still one of her favorite things to do. We don't go nearly as often as I'd like (it starts right at nap time), but when we do she really enjoys it. I think her enthusiasm is more for seeing the other children and less about the reading though.

Oh, and then there's the teething going on. We've had a bad cold for the past two weeks and at the same time she's getting new teeth. That's not a good combination, poor little thing. She's been a trooper though. We've been busy giving her medicine, teething rings, cold stuff and cuddles.

I'm starting to get really excited about the holidays coming up and celebrating them with the Munchkin. Last year she was still a bit too small to really understand what was going on. But no longer! This year she's going to notice everything that's going on. What I'm really looking forward to is her seeing the Christmas Tree with all it's twinkling lights. 

Our precious Adri Rosie, we love her so.


  1. What a precious babe! She is growing so fast. I'm so glad that you delight in her and enjoy who she is and who she is growing to be!

    1. Deanna, she IS growing so fast! I knew time would be fly by, but I didn't think it would go QUITE this fast ;)

  2. She's the perfect age to really enjoy Christmas... What fun you'll have !

    1. Sherry, YES, I can't wait for her to experience everything this year!

  3. Hi Annie,
    What a nice update on what your daughter is up to these days and how she's growing up. I am glad she has such a good mommy and daddy to show her the world and love her as you do. I experienced similar joy watching Vinny grow up, and still do. He is getting more and more humorous as the days go by, and mature. Christmas will be magical for you three for sure! Are you working on projects for the siblings? I am proud of myself because I actually got a jump on things for Vinny this year. By the way have you read or watched "The Painted Veil?" I watched it with Chad the other night. Pretty awesome but sad! I thought you might like it. Edward Norton does a great job of acting. Love you.

    1. Jules! I miss you guys. And I miss Vinny! I'm starting to make the LISTS of Christmas gifts, I still have to get around to the making part though! lol You are really ahead of things if you already have gifts for Vinny! lol, pregnancy is awesome in the cleaning/house/ domestic dept. right??
      I love The Painted Veil. I watched it years ago, and then just recently watched it again, like month ago. You're right. It is an excellent movie :)
      We miss you guys!
      Love you :)

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    1. Christina, I think all the Firsts are the best thing about having a baby, being a first-time mom. I love it!