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let's talk about books

These first few books are some that I recently found on Amazon, and they are perfect for this crazy, busy, and overwhelming season of my life right now. 
Having two busy little children (who both happen to be sick with a cold right now), and working part time keeps me straight out most days. Pile on top to the rest of life (the laundry, the dishes, the everyday life) and you have one busy mama over here. 

Breathe, Mama, Breathe: 5-Minute Mindfulness for Busy Moms. This little book is easy to read, and only take 5 minutest to pick up and breeze over.

Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe. This books is must for all mamas. Full of encouragement, Sally talks about when her kiddos were little and gives excellent advice from an older mother's perspective.

How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids. Humorous, and totally relate-able. This books talk all about how to navigate all those tricky situations and subjects that only show up in your relationship after adding some kiddos to the mix.

The Magic of Motherhood: The Good Stuff, the Hard Stuff, and Everything In Between. A heartwarming collection of essay gathered from mothers all over. If you think you're alone in the parenting struggle this is such an encouragement. It's a "love letter to mothers everywhere; it’s a story about the magic that happens in between calm and chaos, the joy that can be found in both beauty and mess, and the valuable lessons we learn about ourselves in between cups of reheated coffee and kitchen tables covered in crumbs."

Okay, moving onto some YA books....

I talk a lot about my favorite books and authors on here, but to be honest there are some that I really love more than others. That may just be true with Lenora Mattingly Weber's books. She is an author of two sets of books (each series is about 5+ books long). One story follows Beany Malone and her many siblings. The other series follows Katie Rose, who has a single mother raising her and her five siblings.

These books are set (and written) in the 60s. I love talking about these books because I never meet anyone that has ever read them, let alone even heard of them before, which is sad because they are a delight to read!

note: the Beany Malone and Katie Rose books are out of print. You should be able to find them online though, and you might (if you are lucky) have some in your library system.

The second author that I love is Jenny Han. Her writing is very similar to LMW's and is again, very easy to follow. My favorite series of her's is the Lara Jean books (To All The Boys I've Loved Before). Another light hearted take-to-the-beach series. I promise that once you start you won't stop reading until you've read all three!

These two series are probably my top two YA book recommendations and I can't say enough about how good they are.

Happy reading!

{link to book in photo above}

cleaning hack: I have a Monica Geller closet.

Okayyyy, some true confessions here: I have a Monica Geller closet. If you've watched the t.v show Friends you'll know what I'm talking about. If you haven't watched it then go, watch the show (all ten seasons of it!), and then come back and read this post.

Because watching Friends (only one of the best shows ever) is so much better than any old thing I have to say.

Okay, moving on...

If you HAVE watched Friends then you know what I am talking about. I get lots of questions about my house, my cleaning routine, and what to do to keep the it tidy (which is not at all true, since most of the time it's a wreck) and I have one simple answer. I have a CLOSET.

The Closet is in the guest room and it's huge (about twice as big as a normal closet). In that closet I keep all everything in life that I have, but don't know what to do with. Baby beds, clothes that aren't in season, baby clothes that Adri outgrew but don't fit Piper yet, extra bedding, Christmas decorations, old costumes, an air mattress, and toys that I'm trying to get Adri to forget so I can toss them out (yes, I'm the world's best mom).

Since moving here to this house a little over a year ago I've cleaned that closet out a grand total on one time. Yup, you heard right. ONE time. There's so much stuff in there. Like, SO MUCH STUFF (I had to write that in all caps to get the point across).

I think I've found that the happy medium to having a tidy house is to have one place in it that is a complete disaster, and I have Monica to thank for that.

Thank-you, Monica Geller.

p.s did you think you were going to see a photo of my closet? Sorry to disappoint, but no. Just no.

St. Patrick's Day Chowder (making use of leftovers)

Since there are only two (well, four, but only two of us really eat) here we tend to have a lot of leftovers. Especially if I make a big meal like a boiled dinner, or roast chicken. 
This year we took our leftover corned beef and cabbage and turned it into a yummy chowder. In fact, it turned out so well I thought I'd share the recipe here, in case you are in the same boat as us and have a big pot of leftovers.

You will need: 

Potatoes-boiled and diced into bite sized pieces.
Cabbage-boiled and chopped into one inch squares (roughly).
Corned beef-cooked and diced.
Carrots-cooked and diced.
Frozen corn.
Butter, milk, and salt and pepper.

To make:

Saute the onion in melted butter until onions are translucent. 
Add all other ingredients and heat slowly. Add about a tablespoon of butter and season to taste with salt and pepper.

Serve hot with biscuits or rolls.

 AMOUNTS. This is all up to you. I used about one medium onion for a 6-8 cup pot of chowder. The milk was about 2 inches over the top of all the meat and veggies. I used about 1 cup each of corn, meat, carrots, and cabbage. And about 2 cups of potatoes.


after the weekend: St. Patrick's Day

How was your weekend? We sure had a fun one! 
Saturday Adam ended up not working, so we dropped the kiddos off at my parent's and Adam and I went shopping together. We also visited a few thrift stores and found some treasures (my favorite may be that copy of Howl's Moving Castle-anyone else love that book and movie?).
After we were back home we made a boiled dinner, and I made Irish Soda Bread (I do every year) and we feasted.

Last Thanksgiving the brothers introduced us to Moscow Mules, and I decided to make them again this weekend (Aldi has really good Ginger Beer). Of course I had to get the traditional copper mugs. Let me tell you though, those mugs are WONDERFUL. Not just for MMs either. They keep your drink so cold!
(for those that don't know, a Moscow Mule has ice, vodka, lime, and ginger beer in it)

Sunday morning I took the girls and we went back up to visit at my parent's again (just for a little while) and once we got home Adam and I deep cleaned the house. 
We pulled apart the laundry room, moved my sewing stuff up to the guest room, and made a play room for Adri. I was not sure how I would like it but it seems to be great so far! Nice and cozy, and the toys are more contained, which works well. Next on my list is this table and chairs for in there.

The exciting news is that Adri found her hamster! Fluffy was hiding in the heat vent and came up looking to get out Saturday night. We have one very happy little girl, so thank-you for all your prayers.

Last night both girls were up a lot, and I'm running on very little sleep, plus I have a ton of work waiting for me after the weekend, so I'm making this short.

Have a wonderful Monday! 

"it's Friday, Friday!"

Just a little glimpse of ALL the snow that we have. And guess what? It's even snowing more today! We've basically been doing a lot of shoveling. 

This little love bug has two teeth now, and is officially crawling all over. She's also turned into a little vacuum and nothing is safe from her mouth.

Aren't these printable quotes lovely? They're from Janssen over at Everyday Reading. I have a wall of quotes in my laundry room, above the washer, and I added these to it.

Lately I've been craving everything fresh and green (must be I'm getting tired of Winter ;)) so we've been having more than the usual amount of salads and stir frys--so many in fact, Adam has requested that I switch things up this week when I shop.

We're ready for the weekend! Today I'm making my shopping list, cleaning the house, and I have to go pick up the jeep from the shop. 
Tomorrow Adam has work, I'm going to grocery shopping, and we have to go to the library to pick up books (on hold) at some point. 

Somehow last night one of Adri's beloved hamsters, Fluffy, escaped and is gone. She's heartbroken about it. If you happen to think of it please say a little prayer that we might find Fluffy again. If we don't find her by the end of the weekend we may have to go out and buy a new Fluffy....

Have wonderful weekend, and Happy St. Patty's Day {the Irish in my family is coming out strong tomorrow ;)}!

"snow" much fun



We are, quite literally, surrounded by snow. Remember the big storm last March? Well, we have even MORE than we did then! Even though there's a lot of snow it's quite warm outside, so I took the girls out for a while to play this morning. Adri had a blast, Piper not so much.

The happy news is this looks like the last Winter storm we're having, and from this point out it's starting to look more like Spring weather.

Happy Thursday! 

Book review: How To Break Up With Your Phone

In How to Break Up With Your Phone Catherine Price gives the astonishing statistics to our obsession with our phones. The average person looks at their phone almost 100 times a day. The fact that there is enough subject matter to even write such a book on this topic is crazy to me. But it's true. At least I know that I spend way too much time on my phone.

Catherine talks about how to approach spending less time on your phone, and managing it, instead of it managing you.
She talks about ways to at least become more aware of the time spend on our electronic devices.

I know that this in particular is a great challenge to me, since I also use my phone for work, so I kinda need it near me a lot of the time. However, that is still not any excuse to let it run my life. I've been making it my goal to be on it less though, and to be more in the moment.  When I'm not working I've been making a conscious attempt to leave it in the other room. Especially when Adam is home and we are all hanging out in the kitchen making dinner.

This is a short, easy read, that is thought provoking and guaranteed to make you think twice before picking up your phone.

Dreaming of gardens, and Spring

Last week Karla shared about the fairy house that she bought for her daughter. It was so sweet, and at only $16.00 how can you go wrong? Since we've been snow-bound, starving for Spring, and Adri's been on a fairy-kick lately I decided there was no reason to not grab one for us. 

It came in the mail yesterday and it is just as cute as it looks like online. Even though it says it's for 4+ years old Adri had no problem setting it up, spreading the soil, and planting the little "Magical Seeds". Oh, and it comes with a little table and chairs, as well as a small fairy and her rabbit (that Adri promptly lost).

Adri's been watering it, and talking about her garden that's growing, so I'd say it's a success.

{our favorite fairy movie}

{the hands-down best fairy book for toddlers. Adri loves this book}


We got hit with another storm last night and it's been snowing steadily all morning. Adri is playing right now, Piper is sleeping, and I'm attempting to tackle a mountain of emails that are waiting for me. 
I was talking to Julia (my sister) this morning, and we were saying how Winter seems to be just dragging on. We've only had about one week of no snow and warm(er) weather in the past four months, and I think it's starting to wear everyone down just a bit. Adam also pointed out last night that trout season is starting next week, and there's still so. much. snow. Oh, and the first day of Spring is only ONE WEEK away.  Hard to imagine while there's a snow storm outside.

Happy Tuesday!