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after the weekend: summer pops

What a weekend! It was hot, muggy, and literally flew by. On Saturday morning I drove back to CT with sister Sophie, and that night we all went to the park for the Summer Pops festival.  My sis-in-law Claire sang in her choir group up front, and it was pretty great. The kiddos were troopers and lasted all night, and no tears were shed at the firework and cannon firing finale (Piper's first time hearing fireworks)!
On Sunday I drove back to Vermont, and we then got ready for the weekend before going down to the river (since it was still hot) and finding a new place to swim at. We plan on going back with "real" swim duds later this week.
Now I'm having a super busy Monday over here, but wanted to post these photos, mainly because I got some really great shots of Joseph, Julia, and Stan Lee as they headed all headed out the door to a wedding on Saturday afternoon!

Have a wonderful Monday! 



Piper Mae: 21 Months Old

Yes, Piper turned 21 months on the 3rd, but things have been crazy and I'm only just now posting this. Better later than never, though, right? 

Our sweet little Piper Mae is 21 months old now. I'm kinda embarrassed to say that people keep asking me how old she is and I keep forgetting, so I just say, "she's almost two", or, "she'll be two in September". Yes, I know, #secondchildproblems. 
At "almost two" Piper has had quite the growth spurt. She's talking more, has grown taller, and is our little wild child that runs free, and climbs everything, defying death on a daily basis. She's also cute and smart and funny. She loves books, and babies, being outside and taking baths. 
If you watch my Insta stories, you'll already know that we go to the playground on an almost daily basis, and she keeps right up with Adri Rose, climbing all over the place. 
She eats literally EVERYTHING. No kidding. All food is her favorite food. She loves to eat. 

Now that she's talking more, we can actually hear her tiny little baby voice, and how tiny it is. I'm always in awe at how Adam and I managed to have TWO kiddos with such tiny voices (we both have relatively deep voices)! 

Piper is stubborn, sweet, funny, and also still the biggest baby I know (she thinks she and I are still the same person). 

Happy 21 months, Piper Mae! 

Father's Day Weekend 2019

We had a wonderful Father's Day weekend. Adam stayed home, worked, went fishing, and saw his dad on Saturday, while the girls and I went down to CT spend Father's Day with my dad and family. 
We spent all day Saturday at the beach, soaking up the sunshine and (the brave ones) splashing in the freezing cold water. 
Sunday afternoon we all went out to pizza at the place my dad always went on his birthday, growing up.
On Monday, I came back home to Vermont and brought sister Sophia with me for the week. We are looking forward to spending some sister-time together and exploring the town! 

Now it's back to recovering from the busy weekend, tending our sunburns (despite our efforts we still burned a bit), and work.

Have a lovely Tuesday! 

After the weekend: hot summertime

We are officially in some hot Summer days now. This past weekend and so far this week it has been in the high 80's, and I'm not complaining. In fact, it's been pretty great. We all have a good tan started (don't worry, we use lots of sunscreen), and the kiddos hair is already bleaching blond(er).
Saturday we went downtown for the parade, and that was fun. It was hot, and we only lasted through the band and some finely dressed heifers, then got strawberry ice cream and made our way home, but we still had a blast.

So far, our week has been busy with work, walks, and a playground visit. We planted more veggies over the weekend as well, so I was pretty happy that it rained last night and this morning since they needed a good watering.

The weekend's plans are including a trip to CT for Father's Day at the beach (the same thing that we did last year). I'm more than ready for a Sunday spent sunning and swimming.

Today we still have to take our walk, go to the bank, and grab some groceries. You know, just normal life.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!