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Our days have been very, very full. As the seasons shift, and we move into cooler weather we are still holding onto the last little bits of Summer. That means that while we are back to book work and table time school (we learn year-round), we are still spending tons of time outside. 
This makes for busy, busy days. Days spent reading, cooking, taking walks in the park, playing with Peppa Pig, painting, drawing, holding dance parties, and tub parties, playing with the pets, watching Full House and eating popcorn, rearranging the fairy garden, and learning about the human body, changing seasons, and addition and subtraction. 
I've been placing holds on books at the library each week (they have pickup) and it's been pretty great. I'm in the middle of re-reading a favorite childhood book (written by the author of Caddie Woodlawn!) and this. In addition to other children's books, we got out all the Elsa Beskow books that we could find (that we don't own) and have been rea…

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