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It's been way too long since I posted a "What I've been reading". Things have been super busy here and I haven't really had time to really dig into a book, but that doesn't 'mean that I haven't been reading. One of my favorite things to do is browse through self-help, "feel good" or school/nature/learning related books. 

If you are like me and looking for something to sit on the couch and read with a cup of coffee, here and there for 30 minutes at a time, then this list is for you! 

The Wonderful Weekend Book: Reclaiming Life's Simple Pleasures (fun side note. I have the $900+ hardcover version in excellent condition!).

Wholesome Home Book of Recipes & Household Formulas

Frugal Luxuries: Simple Pleasures to Enhance Your Life and Comfort Your Soul

The Bible-Time Nursery Rhyme Book

Little Lips Shall Praise Thee (this and the one above are a little more on the expensive side, but so so worth it. We read them every day, and I grew up with my mom reading them to us).

Real Learning: Education in the Heart of the Home (again, sorry, this one costs a fortune. Maybe you can find it cheaper elsewhere?).

Pocketful of Pinecones: Nature Study With the Gentle Art of Learning : A Story for Mother  Culture

Carry On, Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life (not pictured. I love Glennon's books!).

Welcome Spring

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I'm not sure what the weather has been like in your neck of the woods, but here in New England, we had a beautiful weekend. It's as though Spring and Summer decided to combine and arrive in one big rush. 

On Saturday it was in the high 70s and we bought a pool for the kiddos and set it up at my dad's place. I can't believe it's only the end of May and we've already gone swimming! 
On Sunday we got a ton of work done around the house. Lots of deep cleaning, a morning walk at a new trail near us, and then a long afternoon stroll in town. We ended up making dinner and finishing the night watching Willow (although I had seen it a few years ago, Adam hadn't seen it since he was a little boy). 

The above photo is a piece of furniture that has been in my family for years. My dad gave it to us and I gave it a makeover and put it in the girl's room (it was a worn-out white color before). I love how it turned out! 

Things are slowly opening up around here, and, to be honest, with the warm weather and all the out-of-towners it seems that nobody is social distancing. Non-essential businesses have opened back up (with a few occupancy restrictions in place) and with the exception of everyone wearing masks when inside a store, things honestly seem to almost normal. If your state is still requiring that you stay remain at home, don't forget that I have a list of some ideas of things to do with your kids while social distancing here.  

We are getting ready to celebrate Adri's 5th birthday in just two weeks and I'm still kinda shocked. I'll have a FIVE YEAR OLD! She's super excited, and I'm over here practically sobbing that she's getting so grown up. I just ordered all her presents in order to make sure that everything was here in time and I'm ridiculously excited about this Princess game that I found! I've never seen it before and she's going to LOVE it! In addition, to some maze and paint by sticker books (she's super into those) and some other small things, I got this too. She's REALLY (understatement) into cleaning tiny little animals.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, no matter where or how you spent it. 

Now, onto a new week. It's Monday and we've got this!


This is an old post that I wrote years ago, on my first Mother's Day. I thought it deserved a re-share. 

Mother's Day is coming up this weekend. It's my first "real" one--I was eight months pregnant with Adri last year, at this time, so technically I was already a mommy, but technically not (does that make any sense?). I'm pretty excited. 1. because I really am loving being a mom, and 2. any excuse to get spoiled is awesome ;)

Anyways, Mother's Day is a good time to talk about mothers, so I thought I say a little something about mine.
I have the world's best mother. Hands down. My mom may have her faults and failings (her words, not mine), but if there is one thing in life she has done well (and I think she has done a very, very, good job) she has been an incredible mother. 
My mom has put her whole heart into mothering. It's what she does best, and loves the most. I know for a fact if she could go back to the beginning and start all over again she would. That's just how much she loved/s being a mother. 
I can't remember how many countless hours of talking, exploring, reading, and the time she spent with us. Teaching us, not just the "educational" things of life (we are all ten homeschooled), but also things like cooking, cleaning, about art, and nature. About loving books, and people. About adventuring, and appreciating good music. About her love for the Lord, and His love for us.

And she did all this not because she had to, but because she wanted to. Because she loved it. 

I've truly been blessed, because not only do I have my mom to look to as this wonderful example of what a mother truly is, but I've grown up surrounded by other, dear ladies, who have also set wonderful examples of what being a good mother really looks like.

It's loving your children, no matter what. It's teaching them and talking to them. It's listening to them.  It's being interested in their interests. It's being there, all day, every day. In every way. It's making them a priority, and not an option.

If I can be even half as good a mom as my mother is, I think I'll be fine with that. Because that half is a whole lot :)

Happy Mother's Day to all you (fellow!) mothers out there. I hope your day is a lovely one.

A Birthday

Rosie's Ramblings turns TEN years old today! That's right, on this day, ten years ago I hit publish on my first blog post, as crazy as that sounds! 
Honestly, I've been so busy lately I almost missed the day and forgot about it, even though I've been waiting for it for some time now and planning on a birthday post. 

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you. I've met some incredible people and friends along my blogging journey and I can't believe that some of you have been following along since the very beginning! If that's you, that you get a big virtual hug for sticking with me that long! 

Thank you for all your support, every comment, sweet note, like on Instagram, and so much more. 

You guys are the very best. And I mean that. I've heard some blogging/Instagram horror stories and in all my time I've on social media had maybe a handful (at the most) of even slightly negative comments! 

Much love to each one of you. 


It's Friday!

Happy Friday! 
I feel like I have been slacking at blogging lately, and that's because, honestly, there's nothing new. 
Here's a new post with just a bunch of snapshots of our daily life. Playing, reading, eating, school, work, adventures, hiking, rambles on the beach, playing games, and sleeping all on repeat. 

I think we are getting into a real routine now (not sure if that's a good thing) and our days have reached a steady rhythm. Although,  with Adam back to work (he works an essential job), we have more structure during the day and the weeks are going by faster, I have to admit. 

I ordered this game the other day to keep the kiddos busy (we have been plowing through all our games) and I can't wait to teach it to them. It was a favorite of mine growing up! 

Is anyone else excited about the last Star Wars coming out on Disney+ this Monday? Adam and I have seen it, but not Adri and she's super excited about watching it. Side note. Piper has declared that when she grows up she wants to be Chewie.

Okay, I'm off for more coffee and to clean my house. Have a great weekend! 

Let them be little



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The girls have been sharing a room now for while (we moved Piper in with Adri) and it's the sweetest thing to find them curled up together at night, sleeping soundly.

Their room is really small and it's kinda challenging to set up (the king-size bed takes up all the floor space). So the walls as an important part of decorating. When The Birth Poster reached out and wanted to send us these INCREDIBLE posters I knew just where I would hang them. 

Designed in a 1:1 scale, The Birth Poster provides you with unique and timeless illustrations that are personalized to your newborn's actual length at birth! 

That's right. This is Piper and Adri's exact size when they were born (Piper was almost a pound less, can you tell?)! 

These hang above their bed and they love looking at them. It's also a special reminder to me how much they have grown in just the past few years! 

The Birth Poster has kindly given me a discount for you guys in case you'd like to create your own unique remembrance of your little one's birth day.

P.s. The book they are reading is illustrated by the talented Amy Kavelaris. You can find it here on Amazon. It was one of the kiddos Easter gifts and they LOVE it. It's honestly one of the most beautiful books I've ever seen! 

This is the story of a very kind stranger

Adri received Kit for Christmas this past December. Since then, Piper has been equally obsessed with American Girls Dolls (she tries to do everything that Adri does), and out of pity, I've been letting her use one of my dolls (Kirsten) from when I was young. However, Kirsten is very valuable and began getting quickly destroyed by Piper's affection.

I posted an American Girl Doll FB group that I'm in, asking if anyone had a used doll that I could purchase for an affordable price and give Piper to love and play with. ⁣

A sweet lady contacted me and for less than 1/3 of what that value is, sent me a beautiful doll with not one, but TWO outfits. The clincher? The doll is wearing a unicorn dress, and, if you know Piper Mae, she LOVES unicorns with all her heart and soul.

I only hope that the dear lady that sent this doll knows how happy she made a little two-year-old girl.

p.s (yes, I sent her pictures!). ⁣