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An Eyes of Wonder Post

Many of you dear readers were followers of Eyes of Wonder back in the day (for those that don't know what I mean, my mama had a blog for a few years and documented the life of our family). All of us children still have access to the blog (it's private now) and occasionally I go back to re-read her writings. I thought it might be a nice treat for some of the long-time-ago readers to see one of her posts again. "The Squishing...." (posted Friday, February 04, 2011) It's a nice, and  quiet ,  (the comma after nice means that nice and quiet aren't linked together, right? Okay, good.) easy-goin', lazy kind of day here today. Hmmm....did I mention that  Chubb  isn't here? Oh, yeah, that's right, I told you all about his new job, down the path, across the field, and up and over the hill, there with Jonathan, at the farm! And well,  James , now makes his home down the road and up the hill with Aslaug, and,  Joseph , spends  his  days working, over with, an

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