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Gathered From My Week

Happy Saturday!

This week was a crazy busy one, and I don't even know why. I do know that we spent a good deal of time snowed in, consequently missed two doctors appointments, and I wrote a lot of words (for work).

Okay, let's see what to start. Everyone here has been sick with bad colds most of the week and the wee ones spent a lot of time sleeping. Poor Piper was recovering when we got home, but Adri sick for most of the week.

We had to stop by brother Wesley's house because the chimney had come loose from all the snow that we got (they are now in Connecticut for the Winter and aren't planning on coming back here until the Spring). Sophie and I assessed the damage and then "fixed" it until Wesley is able to come up and repair it for real. Not sure why she's so happy in this photo, but I love it (I was taking a photo to send to Wesley to show him what it looked like).

Speaking of snow. It snowed for about three days straight. So much snow. Now we are surrounded by it and it looks like it will stay that way until Spring. It IS pretty though.

Julia had a birthday this week! (yup, I'm pulling her pigtail in the photo). She's out in CA visiting two of the brothers (they live there now) and having a blast. She also got past the waitlist and is going to see The Voice live (her favorite show ever) and she's so excited! I guess she was pretty convincing in her reasons why she needed to attend...

We made fish and chips (and onion rings) for dinner the other night. I think we over-estimated our hunger though. There are so many leftovers now. I honestly get so much use out of our little deep fryer, it's ridiculous. Not that we actually eat deep fried food all that much, but when we do it's so easy to cook with the fryer. And WAY less mess.

Today is another chilly and snowy day. Monday I drive the sisters back home so we are making the most of the next two days.

Have a wonderful weekend!

photos from my phone/1/10/2019

Just a bunch of recent photos from my phone. Visiting with family and friends, a birthday party, cold winter walks, cupcake baking, and an ocean sunset. 

Reading List: January 2018

As we head into the new year I, as usual, have a trusty stack of books to read in the coming month. Here's the stack for January. One of them I've already read before, but not any of the others.

Today we have snow piled up outside, true to form for New York weather in January. We may brave the snow to go to the library later, however. Since I think everyone (the sisters are still here with me) is getting a touch of cabin fever. 

The life-changing magic of tidying up. Is anyone else watching the new Marie Kondo Netflix show? I binge-watched it and now I want to get rid of even more of our stuff. It's like Spring cleaning is going on in the middle of Winter here. This is a re-read (I've read it a couple times already).

At Home With Madame Chic. A little book that is full of helpful tips and tricks for maintaining a more organized life, and home. 

Lessons From Madame Chic. Basically the same as the book above. All about helpful life lessons, only in the style field. The author pulls advice from her days of living in Paris.

Crazy Rich Asians. I watched the movie shortly after it came out and loved it. I've heard really good things about the book, and honestly, don't know why I haven't read it yet. Well, that's changing this month!

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning. This is a great book. Very much along the lines of Kon-Marie method, it's all about only keeping what you love and getting rid of all the clutter in your life. Only instead of being Japanese, the author is Swedish ;)

Beyond The Rainbow Bridge. A beautiful little book about nurturing your children and building a safe and healthy environment for them to thrive in.

A Fierce Love. Shauna Shanks talks of her struggles in her marriage, finding out that her husband had been unfaithful to her and that he wanted a divorce. Instead of giving in she fought to save her marriage. Inspiring and heart-wrenching.

Happy Reading!

Piper Mae: 16 months old

Look who is already 16 months old! Piper Mae is growing like a weed, literally. She's outgrowing clothes every week and is almost as tall as Adri Rose!
She's sweet and funny and already throws the world's biggest fits. 

At 16 months old Piper Mae can:

+Talk. She still doesn't say much (she can if she wants to though), but she can understand everything. 
+Climb stairs.

She loves: 

+Eating. All foods. Piper LOVES to eat. Popcorn is her favorite food. 
+Reading books. She loves to read and will get a book and come sit on the couch with me. 
+Playing hide and seek. 
+Watching Masha and the Bear (on Netflix).
+Riding in the Ergo (the baby wearing game is still going strong).
+Peppa Pig. 
+She loves taking showers and baths.
+Riding her P.J Masks car.

Piper keeps us busy and on our toes, but we sure do love her!

Visting in Connecticut

Hello! I've had a busy past week. We just got home from visiting in Connecticut and having a great time with my family. 
The big downside of the trip was that Piper was sick with a bad cold and fever the whole time, and now Adri has it. The result was an unhappy one-year-old and many sleepless nights.

It sure feels good to be home though. As much as I love visiting our family and friends I am a home-body at heart. 
Something that does have me very excited is that the little sisters came back with me to visit for a week or so. It'll be nice to have them here for a while. 

These are some of the photos from the past week, I do have more but they'll have to wait until next week. 

I'm off to drink my morning coffee and snuggle my Adri Rose that is sitting beside me on the couch. Poor thing has a fever and is watch Spirit on Netflix.

Happy Saturday and have a great weekend!