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Weekend Away

This past weekend we went up to The Berkshires to stay with Adam's parents (at their timeshare) and celebrate a late Christmas. We had a lot of fun (despite freezing temps!) and it was really nice to see them. We took things easy, went swimming, played games, watched football, and enjoyed delicious food.  Another last-week excitement was our first REAL snow of the year, Of course, it was gone within 48 hours, but the kiddos sure enjoyed it while it lasted (Adri spent several hours out playing in it last Friday).  We've been taking things easy and trying to stick to our routine. In true January fashion, we are dealing with car issues (oh, fun), school, and the short, cold winter days. However, on the bright side, we are on track to finish school before the arrival of little Bump (due early May) and this mama is really happy about that (I don't want to be finishing up school in the summer).  Speaking of Bump. It's about time for another baby update! It took until 22 weeks

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