Rosie's Ramblings

Friday Favorites

 1. one of the highlights of moving has been all the time that we've had to spend with family. Long walks, and big family dinners. Adri has really loved being able to see so much of her cousins.

2. my little sis has been making smoothies for the girlies and they are in heaven. They are the perfect summer morning breakfast.

3. that little $6 pool is getting ALL the use right now. Believe it or not it fits a lot of kiddos! 

4. the kiddos have been eating all the cold popsicles and I don't even mind. At this point, it's anything to stay cool and hydrated. 

5. Piper pushing around a little wheelbarrow was the cutest. She also learned how to throw toys for the dog to fetch (this was at my brother's place) and she was so nervous but really proud of herself 

6. Adam and I went on a date night (the first in a LONG time) last Saturday and afterward walked by the ocean. I'm really enjoying showing him all the places that I love in this area.

7. Adri was on the hunt for a ring pop, and for some reason, we couldn't find one anywhere. We finally did and she was SO happy. #ringpopsforlife

8. Taco Tuesday out with the fam. This was so much fun, even though we had to take Piper outside in shifts to walk around (she lasts about 20 minutes in a restaurant). The food was, as usual, great though! 

9. dinner last night. We've been grilling out all week in order to not heat up the house and so far the Italian marinated chicken has been the favorite. 

10. who knew that mud puddles could be so fun? Or such great babysitters? Seriously, this puddle kept them occupied for a solid hour long.

11. some more photos from the crab races. It was definitely the highlight of the week!

12. my baby. Fresh from the tub, and looking adorable and wearing the new outfit that Auntie Mandi bought her.

That's it! Have a great weekend everybody! 



We are soaking up every last bit of summer that we can get. It's been hot and muggy here, so last Sunday I finally broke down and went on the hunt for a pool for the kiddos to splash in. The only thing I could find was a very, very small baby pool (apparently the stores all think it's already Fall). On the upside, I haven't heard any complaints and the girls have been using it almost every day.

Last night we went to a hermit crab race. It was fun, and something new. Everyone gets a number and a crab, and the crabs race each other in groups, the final winners for each group getting together in one final match to narrow it down to the last three winners!
Although she didn't win, Adri bonded with her crab so we brought it home with us. She's equal parts obsessed and terrified of it.

Adam is still settling in with work, and won't be back until the weekend. I've been on the hunt to find the right place for us, and in the meantime busy with work.

We are really ready for the weekend (I spent all yesterday thinking it was Thursday!) and are going to a little town fair in the park on Saturday.

Have a great Thursday (see? I got it right this time!)!

Grilled Turkey Burgers

One of the best things about Summer is being able to grill out all the time (something that we've been doing a lot around here). With the temps in the high 80s and super muggy, no one has any desire to heat up the kitchen. 
The other day we made this meal for dinner. It's a recipe that we used to make fairly often growing up, but since Adam doesn't like ground turkey, I haven't made it in years. Well, right now he's gone traveling for work, and there are plenty of turkey burger lovers around so we had this to eat and I'm happy to say it was as big a hit as it was years ago! 

Super Simple and Easy Turkey Burgers. 

You will need: 

3lbs of ground turkey (we had a lot of people, so we had 6 lbs total). 
2 tsp ground oregano 
salt and pepper to taste
half an 8-ounce jar (more if you really like them like we do!) of pitted green olives, drained and finely chopped
1 egg
1/2 cup of breadcrumbs

1 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt
1/2 a large cucumber, peeled and diced
1/2-1 cup of good olive oil

pita pockets-cut in half
lettuce-washed and chopped
one large diced tomato

To make: 

Mix the first 6 ingredients together well in a large bowl and then shape into patties (this should make about 6-8 of them). 
Cook the burgers on the grill, and while they are cooking, make the sauce.

To make the sauce mix the yogurt, cucumber, and olive oil in a bowl until it has a salad dressing consistency. 

When the burgers are done slice each one in half and place in the pita pockets, add lettuce and tomatoes, and drizzle dressing on top.
Serve with homemade fries on the side. 



Hello! If you've seen my most recent Instagram post, you will know that we've moved! From the time of making our plans to moving it was a short 4 weeks. We are now settled in CT and staying with family while we find a place to live.
There were a few reasons for the move; more work opportunities for Adam, being nearer to family, and not completely liking the town that we were in living in VT.
It's been pretty great to be nearby family again, and the kiddos are loving that they get to see their aunties and cousins nearby all the time! Adam loves his new job so far, and we are settling right in.
We are getting ready for the weekend and have some plans for a little family day tomorrow before Adam is gone for a week working out of state.

Happy Friday!