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on this day

  • Snow, everywhere I look. Piles and piles of icy whiteness, the aftermath of our latest Winter storm.
  • Hot coffee, with creamer, steaming in my cup beside me.
  • Two small wee ones, playing with dinosaurs on the living room floor, while Daniel Tiger plays in the t.v in the background.
  • Eggs and bread sitting on the kitchen counter, waiting to be made into Toad in a Hole for breakfast.
  • Laundry in a heap in the playroom, where it has been dumped for the past two days. I've been procrastinating on folding it. 
  • Boxes stack around me. I've come to hate moving with a passion and can't wait for the end of the month and to be settled in our new place. 
  • A doctor's appointment scheduled for later today, that I have serious doubts that we'll make it to, seeing we have all the aforementioned snow.
  • Freezing leftover pasta sauce from last night's dinner. To be used for pizza at some later date.
  • Placing a hold for the first season of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman at the library. I had forgotten how much I love that show.
  • Planning dinner, and I have no ideas. Maybe tuna in pita pockets? Something easy for this mid-week day.
I hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one!

This Is Where You Belong (book review)

The past few weeks I have seen a lot of bloggers talking about this book and reading it. I was intrigued, one, because we are in the process of moving to a new state, and we have moved a lot in the past few years, and two, because Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project) recommends it.
I'm pleased to be able to say that This Is Where You Belong did not disappoint. This is a wonderful book for anyone. And the best part is that you don't even have to be moving, or even thinking about moving, as these principles can be applied even if you have lived in the same area your whole life. 

Melody gives a breakdown in seven chapters of ways to explore, connect and put down roots where you live. The list includes, 

1. Walk more.
2. Buy local.
3. Get to know the neighbors.
4. Do fun stuff.
5. Explore nature.
6. Volunteer.
7. Eat local.
8. Become more political.
9. Create something new.
10. Stay loyal through hard times.

I'm writing down both that list and some of the other ideas, to keep handy since once we move, since I'm sure I'll want to find ways to connect to our new town and learn more about it (we just found out that there is a heifer parade every June!). 

Melody talks about how even though it is so common for people to move frequently, it's often because of a misconception that there is "something better" out there, and that dissatisfaction prompts people to pull up roots and move without first trying to actually connect with where they are currently living.

I found this book not only helpful, but inspiring, and the ideas that Melody gives are easy and simple. They are things that (for the most part) anyone can easily do to immediately connect more to their neighborhood, community, town, county, and so forth.

I definitely give this book a 5+ star rating!

Crock-Pot Bacon & Potato Chowder

It's no secret around here, I'm a big potato fan (I blame it on the Irish in me). Any chance that I get to combine potatoes, bacon, and the Crock-Pot I jump at. I made this easy chowder last Sunday (I think) and it was delicious. Adri even devoured it, and she's super picky about soup!

You will need:

4 large potatoes, peeled and diced.
1 cup of bacon, cooked and crumbled.
1 small can of cream of chicken soup.
About 3-4 cups of chicken broth.
1 medium onion, diced.
2 cups of cheddar cheese, grated.
1 cup of sour cream.
salt and pepper to taste.

Mix everything but the sour cream and salt and pepper in the crock-pot. Cook on high for 4-6 hours, or until the potatoes are tender.

Stir in sour cream and season to taste.
Serve hot with bread.

This was a super easy meal, and you can make it even easier by substituting bacon bits for the cooked bacon.

Bon Appétit!

Six Valentine's Day Books We Are Loving Right Now

Among many things happening this month, my littlest sister turns 13 on February 14th, which also happens to be Valentine's Day.  So there's double the reason to celebrate the "love" holiday.
I'm not really a huge Valentine's Day fan, to be honest. Adam and don't really do anything big or romantic (some years we do go out to dinner if we have babysitters). Anyway, that doesn't mean we don't have a nice little meal at home, make special cookies or a cake, and in the weeks proceeding the holiday read some Valentine's Dayish books.
Here are a few that I picked up at the library last week and we really like.

I Love Dad. This is an adorable little book (there's also a companion Mom book that goes well with it). It's filled with a bunch of things that a little dinosaur does with his/her dad, and all the things that dads love.

How Do I Love Thee?  This book is beautiful. It counts all the ways to love, moon, stars, oceans, and Spring flowers. Super cute and sweet, I give it a 10+.

You Are Kind. I'm sure everyone already knows how I'm not really a big fan of Dr. Seuss. However, I love Horton the Elephant, so this book was a win. Oh, and it rhymes!

All You Need Is Love. Based on the Beetles song this is a sweet little book with charming illustrations to go with the lyrics.

Mirabel's Missing Valentines. A shy little mouse, Mirabel is struggling to give her classmates Valentines. She then loses her cards on the way to school and they are found be people that need some cheering up. I really liked the illustrations in this book too. Too old for Piper, but Adri loved it (plus she could relate since she has two pet white mice).

Hug and Kisses for The Grouchy Ladybug. Eric Carle is one of my very favorite authors/illustrators, and this book is really great for small kiddos. I love the size as well. 

Piper Mae: 17 Months Old

This little cutie patootie turned 17 months old a couple days ago and it still feels crazy to say. Piper has really changed in the past month though. She's climbing all over the place, talking a LOT more, and actually fighting with Adri now and trying to assert her rights. 

+Piper Mae is still the busiest little bee. She loves books, cats, Adri, baths, food (she's happiest when eating), playing outside, and (like Adri) loves dinosaurs and balls.

+Her favorite show is still Masha and the Bear, and she's still nursing (not much now though).

+She rides around on her P. J Masks glider with Adri and loves putting on other people's boots and shoes. 

+She yells a lot, and points when she wants something. She also gives the sweetest little hugs. 

+She loves, loves, LOVES baby dolls and is always carrying one around with her. 

+She's usually wearing a hat (both she and Adri like to wear hats, "like daddy"), and she will dance to any music that she hears. She will also ask our Alexa to play the Gummy Bear song or Baby Shark, but since she can't say it right Adri translates it for her.

Piper is keeping us busy, and probably going to give me my first gray hairs, but we still love her! 

After the weekend: I have news!

Happy February! I know I've said it before, but January is my very least favorite month of the year and I am SO happy that it is over! And that we are already a good few days into February!

I have news (no, I'm not pregnant!)! You may have already seen if you follow me on Instagram, but we are moving to Vermont! And soon, like, as in at the end of this month. How's that for keeping a secret?  This is something that Adam and I have been talking about and planning for a while and with the rest of the family leaving the state it only made sense to move things forward a bit faster and make our move this year (rather than waiting another year or two).

We are moving to a little (ish) town that we both love. We will be halfway between Adam's family and mine and we are so excited! For those of you that don't know, Adam grew up in VT, and I lived there for a year, working on a dairy farm. We both love the state and feel like it's truly where we want to live. So, now Adam has a new job, and we have a lovely little place that we are going to be calling home for the next year (the plan is to get to know the area better and settle in before buying a house).

In some ways I will be sad to leave this place. Even though I am more than ready to leave this house has been our home for two years. We are leaving dear friends and I'm leaving the area that I've lived in for the past 10 years (on and off). It's with mixed feelings that we leave and make our new start.

Okay, now, our weekend. On Saturday I took the girls to Take Your Child To The Library Day. There was a fantastic little animal zoo there and Adri saw some cool animals, they did some crafts, and we had Storytime. We came home and I made a Potato and Bacon Chowder in the crock-pot (recipe coming later this week).

Sunday we had a lazy morning. I made eggs for breakfast and we watched the third Harry Potter. It warmed up a lot (and went into the 30's) so we took a trip to town and went out to eat. Home again we settled in for the afternoon and were all sorts of lazy. I think Adam watch the game (not sure) but I didn't (#notafootballfan).

I'm starting off this February morning by ordering this for Adam's birthday (he turns 34 on Saturday). I've been wracking my brain on what to get him and then remembered that a while back he said that he thought this looked cool and he'd like to do it. Here's to hoping Prime pulls through and it's here on time!
I've got some exciting content planned for the blog this week, including a book review, some of our current favorite reads, and a recipe, so stay tuned!

Happy Monday! 



Hello, hello! I know I've been missing in action over here, but things have been crazy busy and there has been no time left to type, and even less time (and lighting) to take pictures.
Okay, so what's been going on? It seems to me like a lot, but probably not that much in reality. Life has a funny way of doing that, doesn't it?

Anyway, here's what we've been up to.

reading: I just read this for the first time. I'd heard of it (along with nearly everyone else) but I hadn't watched the movie or read the book/s. It's so so sad. Even if only bits and pieces of it are true, it's STILL so sad. It sounds like either way, Joan Crawford struggled a lot in life.
The second (and much happier book) that I've been reading is The Child Whisper. Full of good information and thoughts, this (in my option) is a great parenting book!

cooking: whatever I can make in the oven and heat up the house is what's on the menu. Last night was spinach and cream cheese stuffed chicken breasts and tonight is probably going to be soup and bread.

feeling: so so cold. I know it's not as cold here as it is in other parts of the US, but it's still cold. Below zero temps and still dropping. I'm over Winter at this point and waiting for Spring!

planning: on going shopping tomorrow. I was going to go out today, but the car seats are in the jeep (that's at work with Adam) so that's not going to happen. However, if we go tomorrow we can also make it to Storytime (depending on how much work I have).

watching: way too much t.v lately! I've given up though when it's this cold. We do anything to survive Cabin Fever ;) Adri's been watching Power Rangers, and I've been watching Friends (for the hundredth time).

thinking: about what to get Adam for his birthday. For once I'm really stumped. I'm getting him a new beer brewing kit, but I'd also like to surprise him a little something more than that.

hating: the weather, the lack of sunlight, being stuck inside, the list goes on and on! I'm trying hard to stay positive, however. Only a few months left and it should warm up again

Have wonderful Thursday, and stay warm!

(all photos from my visit with our friends Chad and Julie last weekend).