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A bloggy post

So much has changed since I started this little blog 13 whole years ago . Social media has turned into an animal of a whole 'nother color! Sometimes I look back on old posts and see such a completely different person, who is yet weirdly very much the same. I mean, I'm still over here planting gardens, canning food, and reading books.  Does anyone miss it? The eagerly waiting to see if someone had posted that day? Grabbing a cup of tea or coffee and visiting your favorite bookmarked blogs? The long chats in the comment sections? The terrible photos that were way too many versions of the same ones? Reading someone's REAL thoughts and not just scrolling a screen? How about the wonderful lack of links, sponsored posts, and 30 people pushing the SAME EXACT PRODUCT ON LAUNCH DAY? (that one always really gets to me: " We know, we know. You were ALL approached by the same brand "). So. Let's fix that. Today I'm throwing it back to a good old blog post. Unedited ph

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