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Happy Friday!

We are headed into the weekend and I'm looking forward to it. The temps have finally cooled off and it's been great. In fact, Adri woke up this morning complaining that it was too cold (even with a blanket) in her room. I had to break it to her that that was a good thing. 
Last weekend I harvested my potatoes. It was my first year growing potatoes in a bucket and it was a success! I'm sure that I'll always grow some in a bucket each year, even if we plant them in the ground too. 
I've been on a cleaning and decluttering spree and it feels so good to have the house all organized (if you know me you know that I love cleaning and organizing). We got rid of a ton of stuff and the house feels so much more open and tidy. 
Our plans for this weekend include taking the kayaks out on the water, relaxing, and just taking things easy. We might even venture to the beach at some point on Sunday. 
What are your plans? 

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