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Day In The Life: October 2020 Edition

I wrote this earlier this week (on Tuesday) but am just now getting around to posting it. For some reason, these little DITL posts are extremely popular around here.  I guess you all enjoy a little look into what our average day looks like? Anyway, this was a random day that I picked and documented. Here you go. A totally random, unplanned DITL, complete with work, homeschooling, making food, meltdowns, and trashing the house! Tuesday, 10. 13. 20206:15. Piper wakes and starts to stir. I go in and spend some time with her, trying to get her to fall back to sleep. I give up at 6:40 and we get up for the day (on most days, 90% of the time I wake at 6:30 and work for about an hour and a half before Piper wakes). 7:00. I settle Piper on the couch with a t.v show, and snack (she loves to eat first thing in the morning) and I start the coffee brewing. I sit and answer emails for a while. 8:00. Piper watched t.v. for about 15 minutes and now she's playing. I stop working and drink my coff…

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