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weekend things

Our weekend was a full and fun one. On Saturday I took the girls and we went out shopping. I bought a new oil diffuser (yay!) and we went to Target for the first time in months (we live 50 minutes away from the nearest one). Once we came home I watched To All The Boys I've Loved Before on Netflix. In case you didn't know, that is my all-time favorite young adult series (by Jenny Han) and I'm SO happy that they are making the books into movies! The movie was really, really good and I was so pleased how nothing was ruined and the movie stayed true to the book/s. If you haven't watched it you really must. I highly recommend it.
Sunday we took things easy, and in the afternoon Wesley and Claire came over with the kiddos for dinner. Wesley and Claire did move to Connecticut but they still have a house up here in New York and come up to visit in the summertime.
Today is actually nice out and we are going to spend some time playing outside. Maybe take a little walk as well.
Making this post short and sweet because, Monday, and lots of work waiting for me.

Have a wonderful day!

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It's the weekend and I am ready for it. Today we have a busy day running errands and going to Storytime at the library. It's supposed to pour the whole day so wish me luck pulling two little ones in and out of the rain!
This weekend we have plans to visit the Farmer's Market, hang out with Wesley, Claire and co., and maybe take a hike (if the weather clears?)

Now, on to some of my favorite moments from our week.

This little person, that is swiftly heading towards one year old. She just popped out two more molars (that makes twelve teeth total!) and has the cutest little laugh. Also, her yelling "Adri!!!" at the top of her lungs is the best.

The love between these two is so sweet. Yes, they fight, but Adri is also the BEST big sister and puts up with a lot from Piper Mae.

I got a new box from Influenster yesterday. It contained hair products from Sebastian and I can't wait to try them! Having short hair has been so much easier, but I do wash it a lot more now (as in every other day instead of once a week ;)).

From Monday. Heading up to Wesleytown with my pals, to help my dad and the sisters move.

Sleeping Beauty. I have hundreds of sleeping Adri pictures and am now well on my way to almost as many Piper ones.

Wet plants, mugs of tea, cloudy skies. Basically what this August has been so far.

Favorite baby face right there. Always grabbing for my phone.

Have a lovely weekend! 

Summer Reading List

It's been far too long since we talked books around here. With all the busyness going on my book pile has been growing, not diminishing. I always have a to-read pile on my table next to the couch and as the summer has been progressing I've been adding to it. Now that I have a bit of downtime (the word is relative) I'm starting to make my way through them. Some are favorites that I am re-reading, but others are new ones that I'm excited to read for the first time.

Jane Austen in Scarsdale: or, Love, Death and the SATs. This is a lighthearted (so far) book. It centers around one Anne Ehrlich, a 30 something teacher that thinks maybe her one chance for true love has passed her by, until that one true love's nephew shows up at her college, and just maybe there is a chance that it's not too late to re-connect with her soulmate? This is a new book to me and I just started it.

A River Runs Through It. I love, love, love the movie adaptation of this book, but have never read the book itself (gasp). Looking forward to starting this one.

Home Is Where My People Are. Witty, real, and entertaining, this book is a memoir told in the first person. Sophie Hudson shares tales of growing up and her life experiences.

The Lifegiving Home. Inspiring all homemakers, and lovers of home, Sally Clarkson has done it again. A book to encourage you in making your dwelling place not just a house, but a home.

Welcome To The Farm.  All things homestead this is a wonderful book chockful of helpful how-tos, recipes, and tips. Also, (bonus!) beautiful photos.

The Summer Book. Susan Branch's books are the best. Like, for real, the best. Charming, easy to browse through and read. Full of stories, recipes, and delightful illustrations. She has a set of books (Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring) and this is the summertime one.

Pocketful Of Pinecones. I've read this book a few times but not in a while so I'm re-reading it again. A first person, journal-like story told through the eyes of a mother living in the 30s that has just been introduced to Charlotte Mason's teachings.

tuesday ponderings

Yesterday was The Big Day. We packed up a truck load full of things from the Wesleytown house and my dad and the three girls are on their way down to the new house today. They will however be back up in a couple weeks to celebrate Piper's big (1st!) birthday with us and take another (and final) truck load down . 
It will be quiet around here in our neck of the woods, and they will be sorely missed. I'm sure that we'll be busy taking many trips down to visit from this point out.

Today is another rainy day here. It's been raining almost every day for the past month and at this point I'm more than ready for it to end. Dreary is an understatement. Where's all our sunshine for long summer walks? 
Anyway, it's rainy here today, again. I'm going to do some house cleaning, make some tea, take care of some work, and bake cupcakes with Adri Rose. 

I've been looking through this book with Adri for the past few days (I found it in our upstairs, buried on a shelf) and she's been so intrigued with it. It really is a beautiful book though.

Other news is that I opened a page with all my Amazon favorites. I'm going to be adding to it and updating it this week and hopefully it will make it easier to find things that I recommend. If you go here you can shop the different categories and see things that I recommend but am not always able to link to.

My new-to-me hutch. I've wanted one from so long and now I finally have one! I love it and it's the perfect spot for all of our mugs.

Shenanigans with the midgets at the grocery store. Life is a lot busier with two, but definitely more fun.

A best-ever auntie.

Happiest, tiniest, busiest little walker ever. 

The house bunnies are pretty popular. It's a good things they are fairly laid back (Pepper more so than Jack) because they have a lot to put up with ;)

Breakfast art.

Here's to looking toward a productive week ahead. Catching up on some reading, a few new projects, planning, and doing some yard work once the weather clears. 

Happy Tuesday! 

an update

Hello, hello! Long time no talk! Things have been super (that's a huge understatement) busy around here. The reason being is that my dad and the three youngest sisters are moving back to Connecticut! Yup, how's that for keeping you in the dark? He bought a beautiful house on a dead end road a few miles out a town. The house has needed some renovating (thus all the trips that we've been making down there) but now it's move in ready and the truck is arriving sometime this week and we are packing it up and they are officially moving in. This decision will be a good one for all of them, but I'm going to really miss them! I'm sure we'll be making many, many visits down to see them often though. 
So, with all the work on the new house, and all the packing up here in New York getting them ready to move, things have been crazy. It's all nearing the end soon though and things will settle down.

Below are some photos taken last week/early this week in the yard of the new house (all the littles love the tire swing!) and at the ocean. I'll be sure to post some sneak peeks of the inside at some point too. 

This weekend we don't really have any plans. I'm going to take the girls to the library on Saturday to return some items, and that's about it. Maybe a walk at the Nature Center? We shall see.

Have a great weekend!