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what i've been reading lately: august edition

Some recent reads. I've been so busy lately I honestly haven't had a lot of time for reading (other than aloud to the kiddos) however I'm trying to remedy that. I'm sure it will be easier as the weather grows colder and we are inside more often.
In addition to these, I'm also reading through the Harry Potter books again, and Adri and I are reading the My Father's Dragon series together (anyone else love those books?). 

(not pictured)

Peach Salsa Recipe

Our growing-plants-in-buckets worked out pretty well this year, especially considering that we had to move those buckets in the back of a van to a whole new state. 
Anyway, we had jalapenos planted, and they did great! We let one pepper stay on the plant until it was ripe (red) but the others that we harvested green. The other day I chopped up some of them, added some other ingredients, and made yummy peach salsa. 
In hindsight, I would have put in fewer peppers, since it was pretty spicy; however, it was still delicious. 

Easy Peasy Peach Salsa.

You will need: 

Three whole peaches pitted and chopped.
Half a small green jalapeno, and one small red jalapeno, both seeded and finely minced (add less if you want less heat). 
Three large tomatoes, chopped. 
A couple cloves of garlic. Peeled and minced.
A splash of extra virgin olive oil. 

To make.

Mix all ingredients well in a bowl, cover, and place in the fridge to set for a couple hours before serving, The longer you give the flavors to blend, the better it tastes! 

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday the 13th! 
We are having a busy Friday, so I'm keeping this short and sweet. Lots of photos from last week, last weekend, and this past week.
We are thinking of going to Old Sturbridge Village this weekend, although I also think that a trip to the cider mill would be nice (if they are open-I need the check about that). 
Tonight sister Julia and I are going to see the new Downton Abby movie in theaters, and I am SO excited. We've been waiting for it to come out and it's finally here!

Have a great weekend! 

1. These two cuties with their fairy wings, walking out the check the mail with me. 


2. Among the many things that my kiddos love to eat, broccoli is a favorite. Cooked or raw, it doesn't matter. These photos totally capture Piper's love for broccoli.

3. Our visit to the country fair last weekend. The girls loved seeing all the animals and going on the rides. 

4. We've been taking a walk to the end of the road every day, and the girls have been taking the opportunity to practice their bike riding. They are getting good! Piper can almost keep up with Adri now.

5. We started school this past week, and Adri has been loving it (like usual). She loves to pull out her books and work on them even when we're not technically "doing school" (I use those words very loosely).

6. Puppy love.

7. Reasons to love living near family. Walking in on these two artists at work. 

8. The other night, crabbing with my brother and his kiddos. We caught a bunch of crabs. It was as fun as I remembered from growing up (I haven't crabbed in years). 

9. Baby Shark #1 and Baby Shark #2.

10. Playing with our latest good-thrifting-find. 

11. Jack and Pepper, living their best life. 

12. Photos from our walk at Bluff Point on Sunday. 

13. We smoked a whole turkey for dinner, and it was delicious. 

14. My little cutie patootie. 

15. Someone fell asleep with her boots on.  

16. Before-bed-tooth-brushing with the cutest little pal. 

Piper Mae's Birthday Party (and Labor Day Picnic)

I thought that I had posted pictures of Piper's birthday until one of my sisters asked when I was going to put them on the blog. Oops. Good things someone said something of they would forever remain unpublished, in a folder on my computer. 
I'm remedying that right now, and here they are! Lots of photos of the family at our Labor Day picnic/Piper's Baby Shark birthday party.