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Library Checkout List: August-December

It's been a while, but once again it's my library checkout list from the past few months! The books marked in bold are adult and young adult. The ones marked in italics are children's. Books marked with an asterisk (or two!) are ones that I highly recommended.

Due to a change in my library system the authors are no longer posted beside the book title. Since I don't have time to search for each one and list it I'm just putting down the title and if you are interested in a book you can always search on the internet and find the author of it :)

  • Rosie's magic horse.
  • A bargain for Frances .
  • The Frances audio collection.
  • A cat is better.
  • But I don't eat ants.
  • This is a ball.
  • Doris the bookasaurus.
  • Everything Is Mama.
  • Alphamals A-Z.
  • Honk! Quack! Boo!
  • In the middle of fall.
  • In the snow.
  • Superbat.
  • How to catch a monster.
  • Sneaky snacky squirrel : a lift-the-flap book.
  • Little red riding sheep.
  • The X-files : Earth children are weird.
  • Apples for Little Fox.
  • Don't go to school!
  • Waiting for snow.*
  • Llama llama gives thanks.
  • Invisible lizard.
  • Do not take your dragon to dinner.**
  • Brobarians.
  • Don't blink!
  • Mine!
  • Look at me! look at me!
  • The adventures of Obadiah.
  • Thy friend, Obadiah.*
  • What the dinosaurs did at school.
  • Shake a leg, egg!
  • Sleepy bears.
  • Meet Happy Bear.
  • A particular cow.
  • Ten little fingers and ten little toes.**
  • Deep in the forest.
  • Monsterland.
  • Pancakes for breakfast.
  • The legend of the Great Pumpkin.
  • The tooth book.
  • Bathtime for Little Rabbit.
  • Obadiah the bold.**
  • Little Wolf's first howling.
  • This is a ball.
  • The goblin and the empty chair.
  • Otto the book bear.
  • A baby sister for Frances.*
  • More all-of-a-kind family.
  • All-of-a-kind family.**
  • Ella of all of a kind family.
  • All-of-a-kind family uptown.
  • All-of-a-kind family downtown.
  • Little Britches.**
  • Man of the family.
  • The royal we.
  • The complete fairy tales of George Macdonald.*
  • Fangirl.**
  • Of women and horses : essays by various horsewomen.
  • Reading magic : why reading aloud to our children will change their lives forever.
  • How not to hate your husband after kids.
  • Into the water.
  • The lying game.
  • The color of water : a Black man's tribute to his white mother.*
  • Voyager.

snow day

Bread baking, stew in the crock-pot, couch snuggles, Milo and Otis on the t.v, a nice long soak in the tub, candles lit, books being read, snow falling outside. All the cozy feels.

::photos from our morning::


after the weekend: winter is here!

We had a lovely, laid back, snowy weekend. I'm happy to report the girlies are feeling much better and almost back to their normal selves. Now to keep them from getting anything else...

Saturday we basically did nothing. In the afternoon I ran to town to buy some more wrapping paper and such, but other than that we took things easy. 
Sunday I went over to my friend Alyson's house to visit. Adri loves to go and see her. Alyson has not only pretend cows (all over her house) but three real ones in the barn (along with some chickens) and of course that was the highlight of the visit--all the cows ;) 

This coming week we have a winter storm warning. I'm ready to settle in and really don't have a problem with the thought of being snowed in other than I hope that we don't lose power. Thankfully the few times in the past that we have lost it has only been for a couple hours at the most. The power company seems to have a pretty quick response time around these  parts.

I can't get over how much faster the babies seem to grow the second time around! Piper is already rolling over all the time, sitting up (with help), and trying to crawl. I feel like my baby is not going to be a baby for much longer.

Yesterday afternoon Adam made broccoli, cheddar, and ham chowder for dinner and it was delicious. The perfect snowy day meal.

This week is going to be a quiet one, but next weekend Julia comes up to stay through Christmas, I have final Christmas shopping to do (just some small stuff), and The Last Jedi comes out!

I hope your weekend was an equally lovely one, and that you had (and are still having) a wonderful Monday!

Busy week, trip the ER, and all things Christmas

Outside our dining room window, each and every morning.

Probably the best picture I'm ever going to get with both my girls. We tried though, we tried.

Sure is happy for someone so sick.

When did she grow up??

This past week was a crazyyy one. So much going on. It was full of potty training a toddler, two sick babies, a truck to take to the shop, a work Christmas party, packages to mail out, and couple very important forms to fill out and also mail. Oh, and a early morning trip to the Emergency Room.

Don't worry. Everyone is fine. We've been sick here for well over a week (since Thanksgiving) with a bad cold and (for a couple days) low fevers. Everyone seems to be on the mend but Piper is still not herself. Because she's so tiny I decided to take her to the doctor's just to be on the safe side and make sure all was okay (besides a bad cold) and the earliest appointment I could make was Thursday late morning. Well, around 1:00am on Thursday morning she woke up hacking, coughing, and wheezing. I was pretty concerned so we took a trip to the ER to make sure her lungs were clear (she still could nurse fine).  Of course she was fine, and nothing wrong with her other than the cold. No signs of ear infection, fever or congested lungs. I did take her to the doctor later on in the morning for a follow up and she said the same thing. Take it easy, make sure Piper nurses a lot, and there's not much else we can do.
SO. That all happened.
Also, a huge thanks to my parents, and little sisters for all their help this past week. And my dad for going to the ER with me and the babe. I honesty don't know what we'd do without their help.

Today we've been following the doctor's orders and couch snuggling, reading books, and watching Frosty and Rudolph. There's a chicken roasting in the oven, candles lit, and I'm going to string some cranberries for the tree in a bit.
Our weekend plans are super chill (after this past week it better be!). Maybe a visit to Santa, and some present wrapping and that's about it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

From this week: Winter Bucket List 2017, and 25 Books To Read To Children At Christmas Time.

Winter Bucket List 2017

How is it that we are already nearing the end of the year? Where did the year go? Oh, I remember. We moved, grew a garden, did a lot of hiking, traveled a bit, and had a baby. That's where it went ;)

Okay, it's time for my Winter bucket list. All those things we plan on trying to get accomplished or enjoy during this season.

So here goes...

+sledding. we plan on spending lots of time out in the snow (once we get it!).

+bake cookies. 

+watch a bunch of Christmas movies (here's a little list of some of our favorites).

+go on a date with Adam to see the new Star Wars movie when it comes out. We did that when each of the other ones came out last year and the year before. We have to make sure we don't miss the final movie! 

+string popcorn and cranberries for the tree.

+take our yearly trip in February for our birthdays.

+wrap gifts (have to still buy wrapping paper though).

+stock the tea cupboard and make hot chocolate mix.

+make snow ice cream (something fun to do with Adri!).

+get out Christmas cards made and printed. Although, to be honest I'm starting to think I might not have these done on time.

+make a little list of some fun places to visit in January, after all the festivities are over.

+try out some new recipes. Preferably something in the oven, since that helps heat the house ;) 

+make jerky. The next deer Adam shoots we are making the whole thing into venison jerky. 

+read lots of cozy-christmasy books (see list here).

+write out my end of the year blog post. that's a long post to put together and usually take a week or so.

25 Books To Read To Children At Christmas Time

Looking for books to read aloud during the Christmas season? Here's a little list of 25 books that are the perfect reads. Most are children's picture books, but there are also a few longer ones and also a few short stories mixed in. All of them are well-loved over the years by me, my siblings, and now my own kiddos.

Click on the title of each book to be taken to more info about it.

1.The Mitten.

2. A Christmas Carol.

3. How The Grinch Stole Christmas!

Piper Mae: Three Months Old

My little Chunk is now three whole months old, crazy, huh?
Piper Mae is the sweetest, most adorable little person. She smiles, giggles, lets us smother her with kisses, and we love her to bits!
What can I say? She was a fantastic addition to the family :)

At three months old Piper is:

+Rolling over, both ways.


+"Talking" (she makes the cutest cooing sound).

+Bouncing in her seat.

+Kicking her fat little legs.

+Grabbing at things with her hands.

+Sitting up (with help).

She loves: 

+The kitties.

+Adri Rose.

+Mommy and Daddy.


+Her wooden "play gym" (is that what those are called?).


She is still in 6-9 month clothing. At her last check-up (a few weeks ago) she weighed 13lbs, 5 oz, and was super healthy. She is still nursing alllll the time, and has some pre-teething happening (lots of drool, and chewing on things).

Piper Mae we love you so!