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early morning thoughts...

  4:00 am Little feet patter into our room and crawl into my side of the bed. We snuggle and cuddle, and I hope that she will fall back to sleep, However, the early last night's bedtime wins, and we get out of bed and make our way through the dark house to the couch. She watches YouTube videos, while I rub the sleep from my eyes and open my computer to work.  An hour and a half later my alarm dings next to me, letting me know that it's now "officially" morning.  Adam wakes, and I brew coffee, cleaning up the messy kitchen from the night before. The small person begs for mac and cheese for breakfast, and too tired to argue,  I make a pot of it and give her a bowl.  Adam leaves for work, the other small person rises, I pick up the house, throw in a load of laundry, and feed the bunnies and cat. Suddenly, realizing how messy the pantry is, I decide to devote 20 minutes to quickly cleaning it out.  Cereal for the other small (now ensconced on the couch) and a little Bluey

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