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Five ways to make adventuring with children easy

(I received this bag compliments of Mominside, however, all thoughts and opinions are mine alone)
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I love going on adventures, and I especially love going on adventures with my children. It's a wonderful way for us to spend time with them, and I love watching them learn and explore. 

That said, it's not always super easy to go on adventures with children, especially when they are small. It's taken me a few years (and two children) to prefect our outings so that they work for everyone, and we all have fun. 
I'm going to share a few of my tips for having a successful adventure with small kiddos in hopes that it might help you while you go exploring with your own small ones. 

Five ways to successfully adventure with children:

1. Make sure that everyone is well-rested. If the kiddos are tired, or I'm tired, nobody has fun. I always make sure that we go out early (we are morning people) or after Piper naps. The more well-rested the kiddos are, the more fun they (and I!) have. 

2. Keep low expectations. This a key to making exploring work. Except to have fun, but not relax. If I want to relax, I stay at home with my kids. Going out is an adventure, and we have a blast, but it's a lot of work for me and is not relaxing. 

3. Bring snacks and drinks. The worst time is if we have hangry little people.  I always, always have water and snacks on hand when we go out. That way, everyone is always well-fed and happy.

4. Dress for the weather. If it's raining, we wear boots; if it's cold, we are bundled up. If I'm cold, or Adam, or the kids, it makes us much more likely to call it quits and leave. I always have a spare change of clothes on hand for each of the kids, too, in case of an accident. 

5. Keep your hands free. I'm a BIG fan of using a backpack to store all your stuff. Nobody with small kiddos has time to be holding a bag in their hand, am I right? This diaper bag that Mominside sent me is just perfect for our adventures. It fits a ton, and I mean a TON of stuff. My wallet, changes of clothes, snacks, water bottles and more. It's also really comfy, so even when it's packed full, it's not uncomfortable to wear! 

Other tips that I have include not having an agenda, keeping things super simple and asking the children what THEY want to do. If you are planning on doing something that is in a busy location or a touristy area I recommend picking a weekday or going off-season so that it's not crowded with people. 



Hello and happy Sunday!
We've been busy here, getting into the swing of the holiday festivities. We are celebrating Thanksgiving with my family, and Christmas will be up north with Adam's family (Adri is super excited to meet some new little cousins that were born over the summer!). 

Here's a little of what we have going on lately: 

  • I went Christmas shopping yesterday and almost knocked out all of it (just a couple gifts left!), and it feels SO good to know that I can just relax and enjoy the holiday season without having to worry about gifts. 
  • We don't get our tree until the day after Thanksgiving when our Elf comes out, but I have been slowly introducing some Christmas decorations here and there, and so far, I don't think Adam has even noticed! 
  • Poor Adam has been sick with a fever all weekend and is feeling terrible. It seems to have finally broken, and hopefully, he's feeling better by the time heads to work tomorrow morning. 
  • I have some fun content coming to the blog later this week, so stay on the lookout for it (I'm working with a brand I really like, and that's always fun).
  • The girls and I are heading over to my dad's later for family dinner (Adam is going to stay home and feel sick), and that means I should probably dress my kiddos at some point today. 
  • We pulled out all our Christmas books the other night, and that's always super exciting. It's fun to re-read books that we haven't read in a year! 

Have a great Sunday! 

15 Favorite Amazon Items Under $5 (perfect stocking stuffers!)

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Every holiday season all the bloggers pull out their Gift Guides, and, to be honest, I find it a bit overwhelming. Not to mention, I miss seeing their regular content. Anyway, that is the reason that I, as one such aforementioned "blogger" don't usually (well, more like EVER) post gift guides.
That said, I do LOVE Amazon, and stockings are always a pretty big deal around here for us (we go all-out with them) so I thought I'd compile a little list of some of my favorite Amazon products that are under $5, all of which make great teacher or neighbor gifts or stocking stuffers!

  1. Water Beads. My kiddos LOVE water beads, and they provide hours of fun. In the summertime I like to add them to the kiddie pool for them to splash with. 
  2. This Maybelline Lipstick Color is so pretty! 
  3. Water Wow. My kiddos love using these, especially in the car when we travel. 
  4. This Harmonica is a great fun gift for either a child or an adult. 
  5. Reuseable Straws (these come with a cleaning brush too!).  We use reusable straws all the time around here. 
  6. Silly Putty. Adri LOVES silly putty and begs to play with it. I actually prefer it to slime (which she managed to get in her sister's hair not once, but twice).
  7. Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Spray. This stuff smells SO good! 
  8. Dishwashing Pads. These last way longer than regular kitchen scrubbies. 
  9. Mini Wild Animal Set. The kids both love stuff like this. 
  10. This key chain is the perfect gift for a dad! 
  11. Everyone loves a game of Go Fish!, right? Here's one for only $2.99! 
  12. A fun fact about me. I'm a massive fan of Sharpies. Maybe I'm a dork, but I'd be THRILLED to get some new Sharpies for Christmas. These Metallic Silver ones are really pretty too. 
  13. Mugs are great gifts too. Here's one for a teacher, one for the special guy in your life, and my favorite, a copper Moscow Mule Mug (the bummer is that with shipping it's more than $5).
  14. This Wine Bottle Stopper is beautiful and would make a nice gift paired with a bottle of wine.
  15. My Pony. This is one of Adri's favorite books, and we read it all the time. I think that I should make a separate, books-under-$5 gift guide though since I have so many good ones!

Recent Reads

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It's been a while, but I'm back again with some book recommendations! I've got some good ones here this time; especially My Valley (how have I never heard of that book before?).
We are having a lazy Friday over here and are ready for the weekend! Tomorrow we are celebrating two of the brothers' birthdays before one of them takes off for South America for 6 months.

weekend things

Just a few snapshots of our weekend. On Sunday, we went over to my Dad's house, and Adam went hunting while the rest of the family went for a hike. 
We hiked one of the highest points in the area, and Adri did the whole thing with only a little help (being carried past some steep spots by her beloved Auntie Pig)! 

The time change is throwing me for a loop, and instead of getting more sleep, I seem to be getting less (thanks, kids). It being dark outside at 5pm isn't helping much either, come to think of it. 
Anyway, we are pushing past it, and I've pulled out more candles and am trying to embrace the season. 

Today it windy and rainy outside. The kiddos and I are going to work on a painting (well, I set it up and they "help" me), and I have some work, and other than that, it's probably going to be a slow day. We have some new books from the library that I'm going to read aloud to them, and I'll try to finish mine. 
The girls have been REALLY into dress-up lately, so that keeps them pretty occupied (as well as keeping me in stitches as a princess in a diaper passes by. Piper even slept in the Cat Boy costume last night!). 

Have a wonderful Tuesday! 



Halloween 2019

Happy Saturday! What a week! I feel like having a kid-centered holiday (that is primarily celebrated at night) on a week night is one of the worst ideas ever. I'm still recovering from the other night today. Oh, and then we have the time change tomorrow! 

Okay, enough complaining. It's Saturday, and we have some plans! 
Adam is working all day, so the girls and I are going to hang out with the sisters. I need to take a trip to Old Navy, and we'll probably hit up the thrift store too. 

We had such a fun Halloween! It was raining all week, but it cleared up at the last minute, and it was SO warm. It was also windy, which lent a nice "spooky" element to the night. 

The kids had a blast (we went with a bunch of my family), and they got enough candy to last a year! 

Below we have photos from this year (Baby Shark and Twilight Sparkles) but also the kids sporting their last year's P.J Masks costumes.
The next day we walked down to the park so that they could get all their energy out (they ate a lot of candy when they woke up).

Have a great weekend!